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THE KENNEL CLUB STUD BOOK ENTRIES IN 2017   (sorted by alphabetical order)

CH & JW is used for any Chow who have achieved this honour in the UK the day the list is issued/updated. (The overseas titles are the ones issued the day the entry is published)
Owner and full name at the time the KCSB entry is published.

Benoleo Scene Stealer

Red Smooth


DoB 25/12/2013

Owner : Miss P Clare

Sire : Norskov's Future Fighter at Benoleo
Dam : Chinrosc Short n'Sweet at Benoleo

Breeder : Miss P Clare

Charids Captain Scarlet



DoB 15/11/2016

Owner : Mr P Richards

Sire : Ch Maixing L'Unico E Sol at Charids
Dam : Dragonsway Gypsy Rose

Breeder : Mr P Richards

Dragonsway Cinderella



DoB 16/5/2015

Owner : Mr C & Mrs A Cummins

Sire : Ch Maixing L'Unico E Sol at Charids
Dam : Rosechow Aymi at Dragonsway

Breeder : Mr C & Mrs A Cummins

Fullforge Fantastica for Cheuntao



DoB 17/2/2014

Owner : Mr S Mackenzie & Mrs K Mackenzie-Haverson

Sire : Maixing Dark Intentions amongst Tanlap
Dam : Top Tia Fullforge

Breeder : Messrs G Lilley & K Maxwell

Janqbu Kiyo Our Sweet Dragon



DoB 5/6/2013

Owner : Mr P Hollies & Miss T A Carr

Sire : Snowlegend Jaimie for Lechan
Dam : Kwaitang Kordelia

Breeder : Mr P Hollies & Miss T A Carr

Janqbu Third Degree Sundray



DoB 22/10/2016

Owner : Mr P Hollies & Miss T A Carr

Sire : Dian Shan Just a Moonmint
Dam : Janqbu Kiyo Our Sweet Dragon

Breeder : Mr P Hollies & Miss T A Carr

Jenrene's Making It with You JW



DoB 20/4/2016

Owner : Mrs J Parson

Sire : Ir Ch & Ch Cherrymount Good to Be Black for Lechan JW
Dam : Lialisko's Black Magic

Breeder : Mrs J Parson

Kwaitang Khol Kat at Szechwan



DoB 24/12/2015

Owner : Mr T & Miss A Griffin

Sire : Miketilla Mr Raffles at Komatsu
Dam : Kwaitang Konstance Kole

Breeder : Miss A Robinson

Piuk Chow Sweet Dreams or Phantasy for Hiswin



DoB 11/3/2014

Owner : Mrs C & Mr W Clucas

Sire : Dan Ch Caribean Pirate Lietuvos Liutas
Dam : Long Feng Elizabeth Swann

Breeder : Mr M & Mrs S Lunau

Rendel Riff Raff at Kwaitang



DoB 20/5/2016

Owner : Miss A Robinson

Sire : Ch Kwaitang Kristian at Kyong
Dam : Delitiger Happy Honey at Rendel

Breeder : Mrs J Rennie

Roja Leona at Ramannire



DoB 21/11/2015

Owner : Miss A Foy

Sire : Miracle after Midnight
Dam : Kwan Yin Cream Cristian

Breeder : Ms C Fitzpatrick

Stagebo's Eye of the Tiger for Helyenhu



DoB 10/12/2014

Owner : Mrs H Smith

Sire : Dan Ch Mi-Pao's Red Sumac
Dam : Eloise dei Leoni Imperiali

Breeder : Mr M & Mrs A Stagebo

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