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YEAR 2008

The names are sorted by chronological order.
CH, JW, owner and dog's name are mentioned as they are registered with the KC at the time the KCSB entry is gained.
Note : The overseas titles are the ones registered with the KC.

A dog is awarded the UK title Champion (Ch) if it has won 3 Challenge Certificates at championship shows where CCs were on offer, under 3 different judges and one of the Challenge Certificates was awarded when the dog was more than 12 months of age.

The Chow Chow Club


Black bitch

DoB 2/10/2006

Breeder   Mr M White
Owner    Mr M Cole

(Picture by M Wiggall)

Kingrock Joseph

Ch Towsushet Genesis at Korina

Towsushet's First Lady at Korina

Black Malteaser Girl

Ch Carmalde Can Can Charlie with Dawnanda

Jowtrix Creme Catey for Delores

The Chow Chow Club


Red bitch

DoB 14/10/2005

Breeder   Mr D & Mrs A Lownds
Owner    Mr D & Mrs A Lownds

(Picture by A V Walker)

Drakesdrum for Dawnanda

Ch Carmalde Can Can Charlie with Dawnanda

Jowtrix Creme Catey for Delores

Dawnanda Miss Dot Com

Ch Carmalde Can Can Charlie with Dawnanda

Dawnanda Onuska

The Chow Chow Club


Red bitch

DoB 11/5/2006

Breeder   Mr D Salter
Owner    Ms J Lefevre

(Picture by C Clucas
with kind permission of the Midland Chow Chow Club)

Can Ch Towsushet's All That Jazz

Pei Fang Johnny Walker of Shergay (Imp)

Towsushet Miss Money Penny

Destavelars Miss Saigon

Ch Towsushet's Mr President

Towsushet's Drive Me Crazy

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