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The names are sorted by chronological order.
CH, JW, owner and dog's name are mentioned as they are registered with the KC at the time the KCSB entry is gained.
Note : The overseas titles are the ones registered with the KC.

A dog is awarded the UK title Champion (Ch) if it has won 3 Challenge Certificates at championship shows where CCs were on offer, under 3 different judges and one of the Challenge Certificates was awarded when the dog was more than 12 months of age.

The Chow Chow Club


Red dog


Breeder   Ms E Cannon
Owner    Ms E Cannon

Miketilla Matisse

Ch Towmena in the Frame

Miketilla Motion Pictures

Ch Miketilla Mayah

Int/Est/Fin/Ltv/Lt/Rus Ch & Ch Simauta Dess Logris

Miketilla Make Believe

The Chow Chow Club


Red dog


Breeder   Mrs A & Mr C Cummins
Owner    Mesdames A Cummins & S Rogers

Ch Maixing L'Unico E Sol at Charids

Shojo Massimiliano Paolo

Senhi Sweet Diversion

Rosechow Aymi at Dragonsway

Sherae Ima Starfighter at Pamlor (imp AUS)

Rosechow Witchy Woman

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The Chow Chow Club
The Chow Chow Club

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The Chow Chow Club