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Glenn BUCKLEY (Senhi)

The owning and caring for Chow Chows has been in his family before Glenn was born as his Grandfather had bought his first chow in 1949 from Byron kennels in Birmingham. Glenn's first expehence of a chow was in 1984 when his sister had Lechan Lady Kassandra whom she made up to Champion. Glenn can also remember attending some of his first shows around this time, looking on from the side of the ring and marking the catalogues as he was only ten years old at the time.

Glenn's first experience of actually showing a Chow was in 2000 when he bought Jowtrix Black Jack of Senhi (Titan), he was a real character and Glenn never knew what to expert as he might behave one day and on another day misbehave. It was Titan's successes as a young dog that got Glenn noticed in the Ghow breed. Titan gained his title in 2005. His Grand-daughter Senhi Sweet Sensation JW has achieved similar success including Best Bitch at Chow of the Year in 2007.

In 2004 Glenn was invited to become a Committee member of The Chow Chow Club, bringing the club into the new millennium as one of the younger members of the Gommittee. Glenn participates in general tasks and duties, aiways looking to help out whereever possible. Having missed out on the show's Centenary year in 1995 he is looking forward to the 115 years annlversary weekend.


Marion BUTTERWORTH (Dawnanda)

Marion first owned Chows in 1973 with her late husband David. Although their kennel was only small, they achieved much success in the show ring, particularly with Ch Dawnandas Don Juan and Ch Carmalde Can Can Charlie with Dawnanda.

Marion joined the committee in 1997 and attended all the shows and meetings with David who was already a committee member, continuing until his death in 2003.

Marion gives her time and help willingly but is probably best known committee wise, for her recording of the show results and delicious home made Jam scones which are always available at our open shows! (Oh and not forgetting she is the secretary's Mum!) Marion is sure that David would have been very proud of Amanda and what she has achieved in his absence. Breeding and showing still continues at the Dawnanda Kennels and Marion is happy to continue her service to The Chow Chow Club and its members.


Derek BISHOP (Shojo)

Derek bought his first chow, a black bitch, in 1986. His next two chows were a fawn bitch and a black dog purchased in 1994. Since then Derek has bred a number of litters and has been actively involved in showing for over 10 years. He currently has 9 chows at home and has enjoyed considerable success with his current show dog Shojo Massimiliano Paolo (Best Puppy Midland CCC CH Show 2007, BIS/BPIS Midland CCC Open Show 2007, BIS Chow Chow Club Open Show 2008).

Derek has been a member of the Chow Chow Club Committee since 2003


Elaine CANNON (Miketilla)

Elaine has been actively involved in showing and breeding Chows since the early 1980's. The Miketilla Chows are well known both in the UK and overseas - 11 UK Champions have been owned or bred.

Dogs are a major part of Elaine's life as for 25 years she has run a busy boarding kennels and cattery. This takes up much of her time but she likes to get to the shows when time permits.

She was passed to award tickets in 1997 and has been lucky enough to have been asked to officiate in several overseas countries in addition to the U.K.

Elaine has been a member of the Chow Chow Club committee since 2001


Sue EVANS (Simcha)

Profile to come soon



Profile to come soon


Sheila JAKEMAN (Tanlap)

Having bought their first chow in 1966 it was not long before Sheila and David were encouraged to attend a dog show, and there they were bitten by the bug, soon obtaining a black bitch who was to be the first of their chows to breed for them and as she was completely colour bred introduced them to AOC breeding from the start. Having a partiality for blacks they have always tried to concentrate on this colour and have kept them, alongside the reds. Success did not happen quickly in the 1970's as competition was so much greater than it is today with puppy classes often containing 20 or more exhibits but tenacity pays off and in 1973 the first Tanlap Champion bitch Tanlap Tamanda was whelped from a Tanlap bred sire and dam. A few years later Ch. Hanoi Willie Wumkins was used to great effect producing the red Ch. Tanlap Tristar who proved to be a great sire himself.
In the early 1980's Tristar was used on a W.W. Champion daughter and Sheila purchased Taymith Tia Dora, shortly after this they whelped a black bitch called Twilight, these two had a meteoric career both gaining their titles quite young, but Tia Dora tragically died when she was under three years old, a devastating blow.
Whilst talking to her breeder Jacque Taylor Sheila was told about a litter of blacks from Tia Dora´s litter sister, sired by a W.W. son, there was one black male available so off the pair went to have a look, David commenting at the time, hopefully the dog will have more head than his father ! Well he had, and so this dog came home with them. At that time pups could be registered without names so they got to choose his name - he had Ch. W.W. three times in the third generation of his pedigree and Sheila said flippantly he could be called Treble Chance - this stuck and he too became a Champion in a fairly short time. Such a line bred male could be a great stud or a disaster, thank goodness with a 0:0 hip score and great temperament he fitted into the great category siring ten champions in this country and several overseas too. His influence is still commented upon by many, some twenty years later.
Tapestry another Tristar daughter gained her title and more recently creams have been bred quite regularly and the current star of the kennel is Ch. Tanlap Tuftytitan the first cream male Champion for a great many years in the UK.

Sheila was first passed to award CC´s in 1979 and has done so regularly ever since, including at the two day Centenary event of this Club and for Crufts. She has also travelled extensively and judges in many overseas countries.

She has been elected to this Clubs Committee since the very early 1970's and served as Trophy Steward for many years before becoming Vice Chairman and then Chairman approximately ten years ago. With her depth of experience both as a breeder and exhibitor and also in Committee work, both at Breed Club and General Society level, she endeavours to lead The Chow Chow Club in the right direction, always with the benefit of the Chow chow foremost in her mind.


James KIRBY (Jagavied)

I bought my first chow in 1982, a self red bitch from Weircroft lines that we called Sadie, from that moment I was smitten and knew that no matter what I would always have chows. I bred one litter from Sadie using a Ukwong dog but unfortunately 2 pups in the litter developed Myotonia and died at 6 months, although the vet assured me that there was little chance of this happening again if she was mated to a different dog I took the decision not to take the risk and had her spayed. I did keep one bitch from the litter with a view to showing her however she developed severe entropion and had to be operated on twice, she also suffered from a severe pyometria after er second season so I took the decision to have her spayed too. During this time I had started attending shows and, although I didn't have a dog to show, was deeply interested in learning all I could about chows. I eventually became a member of Northern Counties CCC and was Secretary of the club for 2 years, unfortunately I had to resign from the committee due to growing family and work commitments. During this period and right through to 2002 I always had at least 2 chows, however in 2002 my last 2 chows died in a relatively short period and I was left with none. Over the next 2 years I went through some domestic upheaval and the time was never right to bring in a new chow. In 2005 after I had settled in my new home I decided that the time had come to look for a new chow and started looking around, I was originally looking for a bitch that I may be able to show or possibly breed from but nothing was forthcoming. Eventually I was contacted by Chris Clucas (Hiswin) who had heard that I was looking for a puppy for showing, she told me that she had a litter of promising pups and although all the bitches were spoken for she would let me have pick of the dogs. Although I had had my heart set on a bitch when she ran through the pedigree of the litter and I learnt that they were from the Miketilla Makata line I was sold as Makata had always been my ideal chow. After several visits to look at the pups I eventually chose Gizmo, I started to show Gizmo and since then I have been fortunate enough to handle him to 7 CCs (inc 4 BoB) and 1 Res CC achieving his championship in Dec 2007. I registered the affix JAGAVIED in 2008 comprising of the first 2 letters of myself, my partner and my 2 children (JAmes, GAry, VIctoria, EDward)

I have judged chows at a number of all breed open shows and passed the Chow Judges Training Scheme in June 2008, I judged my first Breed Club Open Show in August 2009.

I was elected to the Committee of the Chow Chow Club in February 2008 and became editor of the Newsletter in September 2008.


Sandra & Roy STAFFORD (Stapleton)

Together with her husband Roy, who was born into a chow family, Sandra has been associated with chows for over forty years. The “Stapleton” affix was registered solely in her husband´s name, but from the outset, she became particularly involved in the breeding and rearing of puppies over a considerable number of years. During this time they bred many notable winners and champions both in the UK and abroad.

After Roy was elected to the Chow Chow Club Committee in 1973, Sandra began to help with the catering at shows (a task she still enjoys to this day) and to take an active interest in other club events over the years.

She has judged at championship level both in this country and overseas and was involved with the Chow Judges Training Scheme as Admininistrator and later Assessor. Her favourite role was that of tutor and, to further facilitate and simplify the learning process, she wrote and produced “The Chow Chow Extended Standard” as a reference work for aspiring judges.

Sandra was made Vice-President in 1995 and considered it a honour to be elected to the Presidency in 2006.



Profile to come soon

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