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Judge : Mrs J Bradley

BEST IN SHOW                Chowetha Million Memories

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW  Miketilla Marinskey

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW      Janqbu Justifying Jacob

BEST DOG                Janqbu Justifying Jacob

RESERVE BEST DOG  Sukura Midnight Shadow

BEST PUPPY DOG      Janqbu Justifying Jacob

BEST BITCH                Chowetha Million Memories

RESERVE BEST BITCH  Miketilla Marinskey

BEST PUPPY BITCH      Santicana Blue Sparkle

Class 1 Puppy Dog 4 Entries (1 Abs)
1 Janqbu Justifying Jacob
2 Rendel Red Square for Sawsee
3 Bojanghai Rough Diamond

Class 2 Junior Dog 1 Entry
1 Tomukoo Cream Snowman

Class 3 Special Graduate (AOC Than Red) Dog No Entries

Class 4 Graduate Dog No Entries

Class 5 Post Graduate Dog 1 Entry
1 Norskovís Future Fighter at Benoleo

Class 6 Limit Dog 1 Entry
1 Miketilla Mondrian at Brunita

Class 7 Open Dog 2 Entries (1 Abs)
1 Sukura Midnight Shadow

Class 8 Special Veteran Dog or Bitch 1 Entry
1 Shardan Miss Millie of Chowawen

Class 9 Puppy Bitch 3 Entries (1 Abs)
1 Santicana Blue Sparkle
2 Kesals Jorja

Class 10 Junior Bitch 3 Entries
1 Miketilla Marinskey
2 Sukura Princess Midnight
3 Kwaitang Krabbie Apple at Brunita

Class 11 Special Graduate (AOC Than Red) Bitch 4 Entries (1 Abs)
1 Copan Cherub of Tashi
2 Sukura Princess Midnight
3 Santicana Blue Sparkle

Class 12 Graduate Bitch 3 Entries (3 Abs)

Class 13 Post Graduate Bitch 4 Entries (4 Abs)

Class 14 Limit Bitch 4 Entries
1 Chowetha Million Memories
2 Shasadeeís Dhimond Tee Ara
3 Tanlap Tippi at Rashdan
4 Kwaitang Kordelia

Class 15 Open Bitch 2 Entries (1 Abs)
1 Lechan Iím Adele

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