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Once again The Chow Chow Club is almost here.
This time we encourage everyone to support the breed, numbers are falling at all shows including General Championship events.

The committee of this parent Club works hard to ensure all exhibitors have a great day out and put a lot of thought into pleasing our members. We have plenty to give away at this show and following the large number of babies born last winter hope you will continue to campaign your exhibits and extend a warm welcome to your judge. We look forward to seeing you all.

The Committee of The Chow Chow Club



SUNDAY 21/10/2018

Location :  Brackley Leisure Center
                  Springfield Way
                  Northants, NN13 6JJ

Unbenched 23 Class  -  Single Breed

Show Opens :                  
Judging commences :  

SCHEDULE TO COME SOON               

ENTRY FORM TO COME SOON               

Entries Close :   (PO Postmark)

Entries, which must be pre-paid,
to be sent to the Secretary

Mr J Kirby
11 Weston Road
Runcorn, Cheshire
S Yorks, WA7 JJX

  The Chow Chow Club

JUDGE : Eric HEIMS (Brunita)


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